As part of a creative “green” initiative, a Volvo dealership in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, announced today that it will offer its customers the choice of a loaner bicycle or a traditional loaner car when they drop their Volvo off for service.

Clive Brook Volvo managing director Clive Brook said that the dealership noticed a number of customers bringing bicycles with them when they dropped their cars off for service instead of choosing the complimentary loan cars the dealership offers.

Naturally, there are some cost-savings benefits for the dealership, as well, given the rather less expensive servicing costs associated with bicycles.

“It’s cheaper from a supply and insurance point of view but it’s also cheaper for customers as there is no need to fill a bicycle up with petrol and there is also the convenience factor,” Brook told the Bradford Telegraph and Argus.

The dealership will continue to offer loan cars, as well, for those less-inclined to select the pedal power option.