In what’s probably the least-shocking news of the day, Chrysler is working hard to bring its product line up date. Specifically, fifteen vehicles are being “reworked”, eight of those “being redesigned or re-engineered”.

Automotive News indicates that Chrysler is looking to get its vehicle portfolio up to snuff for Fiat’s upcoming product merger.

This means that Chrysler will be throwing its new V6 into just about anything with wheels while redesigning, re-engineering, and renaming just about all of its vehicles (while also making use of a Fiat-developed dual-clutch transmission… about time, guys).

So, what do we know? The Sebring name is being dropped; Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne considers the changes “extensive” enough to call it a new model (this is good news). Also, it will be the first vehicle to come with the DCT from Fiat.

Then, beginning with Jeep’s 2011 Grand Cherokee, we see the real-world application of the new V6. While the Jeep’s V6 doesn’t feature direct injection, Chrysler’s 5-year plan indicates a few different variants including 3.0, 3.3, and 3.6 liter displacements, along with direct injection and turbocharging. Very good news. Also, Jeep’s overseas, diesel-equipped Wranglers will gain start/stop technology.

Last but certainly not least, Fiat’s long-anticipated 500 mini that will be sold through Chrysler dealerships starting from the fourth quarter of the year.

Redesigned/re-engineered models debuting this year and featuring Chrysler’s new V6:

* Jeep Grand Cherokee (Quarter 1 2010)
* Chrysler Town & Country (face lift ; Q4 2010)
* Chrysler 300 (face lift ; new sheet metal / interior / rear suspension; Q4 2010)
* Chrysler Sebring replacement (Q4 2010)
* Dodge Durango (unibody construction ; 7-seater ; shares platform with Grand Cherokee ; Q4 2010)
* Dodge Charger (face lift ; new sheet metal / interior / rear suspension; Q4 2010)