Well today some people got sick and tired of waiting too much in traffic jams. As the matter of fact, the city authorities now strike the imagination by exposing crazy and unique traffic lights in the streets.

Let’s have a look at them.

1) Here’s the unusual smiley traffic light. Waiting so long? Smile and have a nice day! You can see and smile at the lights in the streets of Cambridge.


2) The Germans have always been known as the lovers of fairy fair sex. The next traffic lights prove this opinion. The traffic lights are located in Dresden, Germany.


3) So for those who think positive Berlin’s authorities, Germany, installed the extra-positive traffic lights. So “love” or “being a star”?


4) Probably you have seen Pisa’s tower. And observing the next curved traffic lights in Rome one can conclude: the Italians are mad about such bizarre forms.


5) The Australian old traffic lights were extremely popular. Everyone can understand why it is true. You know how much time you have to wait! These comfortable lights were used till the seventies. But unfortunately now you can see them in Australian museum…


Do you think the idea of intuitive LED died? You guessed wrong. Now you can see the new modernized traffic lights in the streets of Toronto as well as in the streets of Japan.


6) Sometimes Germany street traffic lights try to explain how to cross the street. But the lay figure is dressed in national hat. That’s amusing!


7) Well this is the really crazy traffic light indeed. It’s named a 14 “lanterns” and you can find them in the Central Business District in Melbourne, Australia.


But if you discover these traffic lights in your car try not to grow crazy for the quantity of lights can drive you mad!


8) The Germans aren’t afraid of “13” magic. So they simplified the Australian traffic lights and shortened the quantity of lights from 14 to 13.


9) This is the typical Copenhagen Bike Traffic Light. It shows “ Red /yellow /green/ bike”


10) So here is once more special cyclist traffic lights now… came from Sweden.


11) Amsterdam likes the cyclists more than car drivers. Maybe that’s why its authorities set the next traffic lights.


12) Have a nice day! Rasta is cool. Some bizarre people set these traffic lights near their crossroads.


13) If you have good eyesight maybe then you can see what the next tower-traffic-lights show. If you want to check this, visit Berlin.


14) How do you like the next “transferring” traffic lights? Actually the road officers are mad about such an idea because they can take the traffic lights anywhere and prove you are moving when the lights are red.


15) And some old traffic lights used to be green as well as used to teach you reading. The problem of such out-of date traffic lights is that while reading all the letters above your head you forget about true traffic in the street.


16) It’s a memorial to heavy traffic near trees and houses located in London. How do you find an idea of cactus-like traffic lights? Many people mistake this sculpture for a true traffic light cluster!